a collection of vintage and antique sterling ring boxes

box-n. - a container usually rectangular in shaped with a lid.  A simple definition for a "not so simple" box.  My definition is as follows: a box of various shapes and sizes made of sterling silver which holds a promise for a lifetime together or a representative milestone token of memories made...

Welcome to Ring Boxes Galore- the mystery of the sterling ring box. 

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Hunt and you shall find...all your heart desires.

There truly isn't anything like being on the hunt for an addition to a collection and being oh so surprised by what you run across in the most unlikely of places.  I love it when that happens.  This week I added 2 new little pretties to the collection.  One Canadian and one American.  As I clicked through searches after searches and pages after pages, I finally happened upon them.  Online hunting is great but I'd much rather being doing the walking hunt.  In the near future, I plan to visit Memphis Flea Market and hopefully take a much needed trip to Canton, TX for First Monday!!  Have you been to either of these places?  Let me know your favorite hunting ground whether it's in the states or across the pond!!