a collection of vintage and antique sterling ring boxes

box-n. - a container usually rectangular in shaped with a lid.  A simple definition for a "not so simple" box.  My definition is as follows: a box of various shapes and sizes made of sterling silver which holds a promise for a lifetime together or a representative milestone token of memories made...

Welcome to Ring Boxes Galore- the mystery of the sterling ring box. 

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Southern Weddings Magazine, November issue!

It's always exciting to get an email or phone call from someone who has been combing over your collection and decides they deem it worthy enough to want to use it in a photo shoot with gorgeous engagement rings!  Well, thanks to Sarah and Caroline, a few of my beauties will be inside the pages of Southern Weddings Magazine!  The ring boxes traveled to Boca Grande for a few days of sun and beach time and hung out with some great diamond engagement rings, or that's how I am imaging it! lol  Be on the hunt for the November issue! Thanks, Sarah and Caroline!  You made my year!