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box-n. - a container usually rectangular in shaped with a lid.  A simple definition for a "not so simple" box.  My definition is as follows: a box of various shapes and sizes made of sterling silver which holds a promise for a lifetime together or a representative milestone token of memories made...

Welcome to Ring Boxes Galore- the mystery of the sterling ring box. 

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A winner thrice over!

You know when you enter a contest and just feel you won't win?  Well, I didn't but I did!   My name wasn't picked in the drawing for the 5000 ticket giveaway for Antique Roadshow in Little Rock but I had the opportunity to go  yesterday thanks to Jane Hartz. She had plans with family so decided to give them to me! Win #1!

So who do I choose to go with me because the winner of tickets just doesn't get 1, they get 2!  It wasn't hard for me to choose who would go on this adventure with me mother and I immediately asked my mom!  We gathered our goods and loaded up "buttercup" (that's my moms cute yellow car)and off we went to see if our prized possessions were of any value in appraisers opinion.  And what we found out were three things and I quote my mom: 1) People LOVE their stuff 2) You can't put a price on the things you love  3) a whole day with your mom- Priceless!!! Win #2 the BEST WIN!!  Of course when she wrote that on Facebook "daughter" took the place of mom and the feeling was and is mutual...  Anyway we had a great afternoon of fun and laughs. 

People watching is a wonderful thing!!  We chatted, listened to stories of treasures loved,  laughed at how crazy it all was, got the giggles, saw great art, saw some not so great art, peeked in many boxes of treasures and didn't mind standing in line for about 3 hours!  We went from a large cattle herding event (lol, yes, we were the cattle) to a smaller cattle herding line where it took us to triage.  I guess many people at this point are exhausted and need refreshments or  smelling salts!!!  LOL  Then, all of a sudden we were asked to go to the table where a person would assess what we had and when I opened the cute borrowed train case of my mothers the lady sat back and said "WOW" and of course drew closer for a better look asking "what are they?"!  I replied, "they are sterling ring boxes".  She didn't know at first where to put me.  Jewelry or Silver? She consulted with her boss and presented us with 2 tickets which took us to another line where I waited for what seemed an eternity and then it was time to go to the center of attention!  The great place where they not only film but where the appraisers surrounded the filming area. "Don't step on the blue carpet" I was told several times.  That's where they film.   I was under the category "silver" which meant I was right in the eye of the camera!  I waited and took it all in and made a mental note of everything.  It takes a huge amount of people to put this show on.  Volunteers were everywhere and I have to say, they were so very nice and helpful. 

So up to the table I gently step with my train case of goodies and appraiser Sara Wishart looks at me and says "hello" and of course I say "hi".  We seems excited to know what's in the  train case and as I open it her eyes get big and she looks at me like "WOW" and says "what do we have here?".  I replied, "they are sterling ring boxes".  She looks at me again with the most curious smile and I knew she'd never seen one.  It was kinda funny.  She asked if she could touch them and took a few out and looked at their insides and ooooo'd and ahhhhh'd.  It was so funny to see the look of amazement on her face.  I think she was quite taken with them.  She then asked me how this all got started and of course I told her "The Story" which you can read  on my website.  Word after word she listened intensely and gazed at all 39 of them.  I believe she didn't know what to think.  She claimed she had never seen them before and I'm not surprised.  We chatted for a few minutes more and she gave me a bit of appraisal information but all in all she LOVED them!  She told me to keep doing what I've been doing and if she ever ran across one in the future she would definitely think of me,  She thanked me for sharing my collection and told me it was one of her most favorites of the day and a very romantic collection.  Win #3

If you get to go to Antique Roadshow, you should go.  I guarantee your experience with the person you go with will be the biggest win!  It was great fun and something I"ll never forget!

For the love of the hunt,