a collection of vintage and antique sterling ring boxes

box-n. - a container usually rectangular in shaped with a lid.  A simple definition for a "not so simple" box.  My definition is as follows: a box of various shapes and sizes made of sterling silver which holds a promise for a lifetime together or a representative milestone token of memories made...

Welcome to Ring Boxes Galore- the mystery of the sterling ring box. 

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Don't be haunted!

I have to say that nothing is more interesting to me as a beautiful monogram, especially if it's on silver.   It's such a meaningful gesture to have something monogrammed.  It also means they are going to have a hard time ridding of it if they don't like it, unless I come along because I don't care what the monogram is on the silver, I just care if it's beautiful and interesting.  I mean, I LOVE it when I find a piece of sterling bearing my initial(s) or monogram!  I once read that a monogram should be intriguing, peak interest and not be easy to figure out.  You have to look really hard and figure the puzzle out. 

I love to buy silverware with initials or names.  They don't have to be mine because when you use them and if your guests notice, it makes for great conversation at the table..  I always pay close attention to the table settings and try to set an interesting table if for nothing more than my own enjoyment but I also want my guests to be interested in what is placed before them.  I find there is always a time to learn and I love sharing my knowledge about sterling silver. 

So if you're trying to decide on whether to buy that vintage piece because the monogram doesn't pertain to you but it's awfully stunning, I say buy it because nothing haunts us like the vintage we didn't buy!