a collection of vintage and antique sterling ring boxes

box-n. - a container usually rectangular in shaped with a lid.  A simple definition for a "not so simple" box.  My definition is as follows: a box of various shapes and sizes made of sterling silver which holds a promise for a lifetime together or a representative milestone token of memories made...

Welcome to Ring Boxes Galore- the mystery of the sterling ring box. 

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My list of thankfulness...

family, passion, quotes, music, handwritten letters, postage stamps, long phone calls with friends, time spent with those I love, my posse, dachshunds, truck rides on dirt roads with my husband while our favorite songs are blaring, southern traditions, all the things I've learned from my mother, grandmother and daughter, creativity, stunning sterling, ring boxes galore, collectors, secret keepers, my daughter's love for all people,  my son's love of music, down time, comfortable fabrics, quilts, cold weather, homes that smell like memories, hiddyholes, journals, sunshine on a cold day, hymns, books, downton abbey, PBS, vintage wares, bicycles, kids wooden toys and puzzles...just to name a few. :)